The Chocolate every Bride Should Eat

By July 7, 2017Bride, SKINCARE
Eat dark chocolate to lift your mood and feed your skin

Try the chocolate every bride should eat!

Are you trying to resist on #worldchocolateday so you can fit into your wedding dress?

Well now there’s a chocolate that makes brides more beautiful the more they eat.

Cambridge beauty therapy chocolate will help give you that gorgeous bridal glow for your wedding day.

The more you eat the more radiant you look. If that sounds too good to be true then I don’t blame you – I was sceptical at first.

However the  Cambridge scientists who created it claim Esthechoc will also give you more defined, firmer skin as well as slow down the signs of aging.


ESTHECHOC – The Chocolate Every Bride Should Eat

They say that by eating one bar of the Cambridge beauty chocolate every day you will see visible signs within three weeks. Although it may be smaller than your usual favourite treat it packs a big nutritional punch.

Esthechoc is a delicious dark chocolate that is infused with very powerful plant extracts. According to the company one  7.5g bar of the beauty therapy chocolate also contains as much anti-inflammatory astaxanthin as a 300g serving of salmon.esthechoc

Participants in the clinical studies had improved blood supply to the skin which boosted oxgen to the skin and improved respiration.

All of that adds up to brighter, glowing skin which is perfect for brides looking for that gorgeous ‘lit from within’, natural glow on their wedding day.

Esthechoc won Best ‘Beauty From Within’ Award in 2016 and is now available to buy at Harrods and online at Dermacare Direct.


P.S. You can also  DRINK your way to your bridal glow with SKINADE – the multi award winning skin therapy drink.

Packed full of collagen and essential vitamins and minerals this beauty drink will give you clearer, softer and more radiant looking skin.



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