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How to Get Glossy Wedding Hair

What if I told you, you could get glossy wedding hair without using any styling products and that it’s as simple as choosing the right hairbrush.

The right brush can be a total game changer for your hair on your wedding day.

Toss out that cheap plastic brush you’ve been using, which can tug and tear your hair causing split ends and damage. Instead invest in the secret weapon of the Duchess of Cambridge.

If you long for big bouncy glossy waves like Kate Middleton on your wedding day, then The Bristle Brush is your new best friend.

Beloved by royalty, beauty editors and hairdressers alike, The Bristle Brush has also been the brush of choice for professional stylists at London Fashion Week.

The Bristle Brush Company founder Sophie Wiltshire previously worked at the exclusive Harrods salon in London and her beautiful brushes are hand crafted in a rustic, Spanish coastal town.

wedding hair

Get glossy wedding hair with the medium round Bristle Brush



I am cursed with fine hair, an oily scalp and very dry, damaged ends. Usually the only way to get any kind of life into it is with a ton of product.

Hence why I was highly skeptical about what the round Bristle Brush could do for my hair.

But I was thrilled with the results.

The medium round Bristle Brush not only gave me soft natural volume, without any volumising product at all, but also tamed and smoothed my ends!

My hair felt light and airy instead of it’s usual flat and fluffy texture.

Even the ends felt smoother after the first blow dry.

A week later and there is a notable difference in the texture of my hair. The ends actually feel less coarse and my hair feels more manageable.

I’m loving using the medium and large Bristle Brushes on my brides-to-be – they give glossy, bouncy volume every time and are especially effective on fine, lifeless hair.

I’m so impressed that I can’t wait to get my hands on the Bristle Brush Paddle Brush.

glossy wedding hair

Eco frieindly packaging and the unique hand crafted wooden handle gives the Bristle Brush it’s iconic look.


VERDICT: you need The Bristle Brush in your life right now

Check out the 5 REASONS WHY below:



A boar Bristle brush is more than just a brush – it’s a conditioning tool designed to smooth and de frizz your hair.

The ethically sourced boar bristles effectively carry your sebum, the natural oil produced by your scalp, to the ends of your hair.

This reduces dryness and coats the hair shaft in natural oils, making it visibly more shiny and healthy.



By naturally coating the hair in sebum it helps smooth the hair cuticle – the outer layers of your hair shaft – which significantly reduces frizz in your hair.

This also better helps reflect light giving you that shiny glossy finish to your hair.

glossy wedding hair

The round Bristle Brush will give you more volume with less damage



The bristles on the brush are designed to stimulate blood flow to your scalp. This is vital to ensure essential nutrients reach your scalp and feed your hair, giving you healthier and stronger hair growth.

The brush also helps prevent oil build up on your scalp.  Which means you don’t need to wash your hair as often.



Unlike ceramic brushes, which heat up whilst you are using your hairdryer, The Bristle Brush wooden barrel does not get hot.

This results in less damage to your hair. The lightweight cork handle is also super comfortable to hold making it easier to use during a longer blow-dry.



The brush glides through your hair without any snagging and gives natural volume and lift at the root when used correctly.

You don’t need to drag the brush as you blow dry – in fact you can use less tension than normal.


Ideally let your hair dry 70% – the brush works best on damp hair. Then divide and section your hair.

Blow dry your hair in small sections from the base of the head and work your way up to the top. Move more slowly with the brush than you are used to. Let the brush do the work.

Watch this video on how to get glossy hair with your perfect Bristle Brush blow dry



Use your Bristle Brush regularly and consistently and you will see the long-term hair health benefits and get glossy wedding hair, in perfect time for your wedding day.

Choose the perfect Bristle Brush for you  now at www.thebristlebrushcompany.com



Instagram Wedding Hair Super Stylists 2018

Vicki Lord Wedding Hair Instagram All Sta

Your Instagram Wedding Hair Super Stylists 2018

Meet your Instagram Wedding Hair Super Stylists 2018.
Instagram’s new breed of rock star bridal hair stylists have changed wedding hair for ever.
Gone are the stiff, structured ‘old-school’ updo’s.  
Instead they have been replaced by soft, undone, textured styles that ooze romance, festival vibes, whimsical playfulness and vintage charm.

Instagram’s Global #weddinghair stars 2018

Instagram has bred a new generation of stylists from around the world.
They specialise in cutting-edge wedding hair styling and offer stunning inspiration for every bride.
Keep reading to discover the best of Instagram’s 2018 bridal hair styling super stars.
 Instagram Wedding Hair Super Stylists 2018


@ulyana.aster – Instagram Wedding Hair Super Stylist

You can guarantee you’ve seen her work even if you don’t know her name yet. 

Type wedding hair and Ulyana Aster’s bridal hair styles will be at the top of your search, closely followed by fellow Russians @lenabogucharskaya and @tonyastylist.
Ulyana Aster is arguably the leader of Instagram’s global bridal hair tribe.
This super star wedding hair stylist posts daily images of achingly beautiful, ‘undone-up-dos’.
 Entwined with her own handcrafted hair accessories.
Originally from Russia this ‘Insta-super-star’ is quietly building a bridal-styling empire at her new salon on Australia’s Gold Coast.
Instagram Wedding Hair All Star Ulyana Aster

Leader of the Instagram wedding hair super stylists


There is an airy and light feel to the hair with an undone look that defies gravity.

But there’s never a risk that Ulyana’s styles would collapse as she is a big fan of Schwarzkopf OSIS Session super hold hairspray.

OSIS session spray keeps even the wildest of hair securely in place.


Ulyana Aster Instagram Wedding Hair Star

Ulyana Aster’s bridal hairstyles will be at the top of any Instagram #weddinghair search


Instagram Wedding AllStar Ulyana Aster



Ulyana says she is big fan of texturising the hair with a mini crimper, before curling with her favourite GHD’s.

She explains this extra step of preparation adds greater volume and texture to even the finest hair.

This is crucial  to creating her bold and beautifully ‘undone’ wedding hairstyles.


Instagram Wedding Hair All Star Ulyana Aster

Ulyana Aster creating bridal hair magic



The Brits are a little more understated but with plenty of gorgeous Boho waves and soft festival inspired hair.

There is also plenty of stunning, stylish references to vintage and retro looks with a modern twist.


@vicki_lord_hair –  Instagram #weddinghair Super Star

Leading the Brit-pack of Instagram wedding hair super stars is Vicki Lord .

Vicki Lord was voted UK Best Bridal Hair Stylist 2016.

She is famed for her gorgeous Hollywood-style Marcel waves and soft bridal mohawks.

Both a hair designer and multi-award winning bridal hair stylist, based in London.


Vicki Lord Wedding Hair Instagram All Sta

Award winning wedding hair stylist Vicki Lord is based in London


Vicki Lord Award Wining Bridal Hair Stylist


Vicki has worked on celebrities including Tess Daly and Macy Gray as well as presenting for Sky television and QVC.

Vicki trained with Vidal Sassoon and was appointed Bridal Hair Specialist by Balmain Hair in 2016.

Not only is she super star stylist but her clients love her warm personality and her ‘big heart’.


Vicki Lord Wedding Hair Instagram


Top 3 styling products Vicki couldn’t live without:

 I always prep hair by first blow drying with Balmain Volume Mousse to give the hair extra volume. This mousse is fantastic as it gives lift without stickiness. I also use Batiste Dry Shampoo. I spray it at the roots for extra texture and grip whilst putting up bridal hair. I’ve also fallen in love with Tecni Art Air Fix Hairspray. It gives great hold but never makes the hair look stiff.


 @joloveshair – Wedding Hair All Star

The lovely Jo Irving of @joloveshair is the founder and creative director at Lovehair & Co.

Jo describes her wedding hair as “soft and unstructured and effortlessly chic”.

Jo runs Lovehair with her team and works with brides in Surrey, Reigate and Cornwall.

She created her first successful wedding hair business in Gretna Green, where she worked on up to ten bridal hairstyles a day!
JO IRVING Intagram Wedding Hair


Jo said she set up LoveHair because, “There was a gap in the market for cool, creative bridal hair without all the hearts and flowers, but still with the bride in mind and focused on her needs.”



Jo Irving Instagram Wedding Hair All Star and creative director at Lovehair & Co

Jo Irving Instagram Wedding Hair All Star and creative director at Lovehair & Co


Here at Coco Bella Bride we adore her super cool, effortlessly romantic wedding hairstyles.

She’s also a Mum and still finds time to hit the waves for her other passion – surfing.

Definitely our kind of  wedding hair super-stylist!



@heatherchapman – Instagram Wedding Hair Super Stylist 2018

The Los Angeles based stylist Heather Chapman is known as the ‘Braid Whisperer’.

Heather Chapman is a leading Instagram #weddinghair super stylist.

Heather regularly showcases her stunning hair styling and bridal up-dos to her 700,000 dedicated followers on Instagram.

Her stunning braided bridal styles are instantly recognisable.


The Braid Whisperer - Heather Chapman Instagram #weddignhair all star 2018

The Braid Whisperer – Heather Chapman Instagram #WeddingHair All Star 2018


Heather also takes her unique skills on tour to teach other hairstylists at salons across the United States.

In 2016 she officially launched Heather Chapman online.

Heather is super talented and makes her achingly cool, braided updo’s look effortless.

She works the hair with her hands like a sculptor, to create beautiful bridal hair.

And the word on the street is that she is also one of the nicest people you could wish to meet.

Here at Coco Bella HQ all we can say is #bridalhairlove




Fellow Amercian Stephanie Brinkerhoff is also a successful Instagram #weddinghair super-star stylist, with nearly 600,000 followers.

screenshot-178Hair and Mkaeup By Steph


She began her career as a bridal hair specialist in 2007.

Stephanie now travels the world for destination weddings as well as teaching bridal hair workshops in Europe, the States and Australia. She is married with twin girls and lives in Utah.

Stephanie is also the resident bridal hair expert for behindthechair.com.





Kristina Youseff had to defy her own cultural heritage in order to pursue her dream of becoming a hair stylist.

She is now one of Melbourne’s leading editorial and bridal hair stylists.

High octane glamour and big romantic up-dos are her signature bridal style.

Kristina is a booming Instagram #weddinghair stylist who is looking to do big things in 2018.



With nearly 400,000 followers she has developed partnerships with a number of hair industry brands.

She is also working with television celebrities.

So that’s your Instagram #weddinghair inspiration from the global super-stylists.

Now you can find the perfect wedding hair style of your dreams.


How to get Beautiful Hair on Your Wedding Day with Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be a bride’s best friend.

If you’re dreaming of long luscious locks on your wedding day but your hair is more ‘blah’ than a wet Sunday then it’s time to consider hair extensions.

Extensions give you longer, thicker, fuller hair that looks completely natural and gives you so many more OPTIONS and choice for your wedding day hair style.

As well as adding length they are also a terrific way to add volume and body to fine and thinning hair and they work for all face shapes and all ages.

And depending upon the type of extension you choose you can have stunning long hair for your hen night, your wedding day and your honeymoon as well as for up to 6 months after your big day.

You just need to know your ‘wefts from your clip-ins’ and with a little insider knowledge you can get your dream bridal hair style for your wedding day.

Hair Extensions can be a bride's best friend in your quest for the perfect bridal hair style

Hair Extensions can be a bride’s best friend in your quest for the perfect bridal hair style


  • Human Clip-in Hair

Clip in extensions are temporary and just as the name suggests they can be clipped into your own hair whenever you like.They are ideal for your wedding day if you don’t want the commitment of longer-wear fitted extensions.

It’s important to choose the right bridal hair stylist who’s experienced with fitting extensions to avoid the tell-tale bumps in the hair that can be caused by the extension clips.

You need to choose a bridal stylist that can place your clip in extensions strategically, just where you need them for your individual bridal style, to create length and thickness that looks natural.

You need to match your clip in hair extensions to your own natural hair shade. If you are looking to change colour then do so before you purchase your clip in extensions in order to get a true match.

Curled and waved styles are perfect for blending your clip in extensions with your natural hair and look beautiful on your wedding day.

Coco Bella Bride offers you a bespoke and couture range of clip in extensions that are individually tailored to your natural hair and your bridal hair style for your special day.


  • Synthetic Hair

There are more affordable synthetic options but you have to choose carefully as most do not tolerate heated styling over 120 degrees.

Synthetic hair tends to be the more detectable and can sometimes be difficult to blend with your natural hair.

Hair Extensions offer your endless choice for your bridal hair style.

Hair Extensions offer your endless choice for your bridal hair style.


Semi permanent hair extensions are more discreet and virtually undetectable, long-lasting and can be styled just like your own natural hair.

Semi-permanent hair extensions are applied to your own hair ‘strand by strand’ and last for many months with the right  aftercare. They give you endless choice when choosing your perfect bridal style for your wedding day.

NEVER skimp on the quality of hair you buy or the fee for an experienced professional to fit your hair extensions.

ALWAYS have a consultation to decide which method of application is best for your hair type and lifestyle.

Do your research as there are an awful lot of people out there who are not qualified hairdressers and have taken a one day course and are advertising their ‘services’ – you want to avoid them at all costs!

Hair Extensions give you extra length, fullness and volume for your wedding day

Hair Extensions give you extra length, fullness and volume for the perfect bridal style on your wedding day

When should I have my semi-permanent wedding hair extensions fitted?

Ideally 2-3 weeks prior to the wedding day.

This will also give you time to get used to wearing them and caring for them

If you are planning to have colour make sure you have that done first so that your hair extension specialist can do a perfect colour match for your.

Extensions do take extra effort but Coco Bella Hair extensions will last up to 8 months with the right products and maintenance. And you will get a tailored plan for aftercare from Coco Bella with everything you need to keep your hair looking fabulous during your honeymoon and long after.

How much will it cost?

The price will depend upon the amount and length of hair extensions you will need to create your bridal hair style.  We will create a bespoke plan for you with a tailored guide to best type of extensions for you so you can have the beautiful bridal hair style of your dreams on your wedding day.

Book your in-depth personal Consultation and Trial with Coco Bella Bride now.