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Get your gorgeous bridal glow with the secret weapon of Hollywood ‘A-listers’ and professional makeup artists – airbrush makeup

It gives you flawless, radiant looking skin without ever looking heavy or ‘caked on’.

Instead of being applied with makeup brushes or sponges, airbrush makeup is sprayed onto your skin. Microscopic particles of makeup form a fine mist which gently covers the surface of your skin, giving you a perfect complexion.


Coco Bella Bride uses global brand leader in airbrush makeup – Temptu -favoured by Hollywood ‘A-listers’ and pro makeup artists alike.


The application is so fine that airbrush makeup is used under Hollywood HD cameras (which show any flaw or imperfection, no matter how small) and creates a ‘soft-focus’ effect on your skin..

Airbrush makeup looks like a second skin and photographs beautifully, but feels super light as if you’re not wearing any makeup.

It is also a godsend for more mature skin as unlike traditional foundations it doesn’t settle in fines lines or open pores but instead creates a flawless, almost invisible smooth layer on the surface of your skin.

Temptu - global leader in airbrush makeup

Coco Bella Bride will custom blend the perfect Temptu Airbrush shade for you.

As well as being touch proof and kiss proof it’s also waterproof – so it’s going to stay put no matter what you get up to on your Wedding Day.

Just remember to blot those tears with a tissue rather than wiping or rubbing.

At Coco Bella Bride we use airbrush makeup global brand leader Temptu.

Temptu airbrush makeup has a sheer texture but it is also easy to build coverage with less product.  And unless your skin is especially oily, most skin types will not need to be set with powder after an airbrush makeup application.

It is important that you gently exfoliate and moisturise your skin regularly in the run up to your wedding day, as this is essential to create a great base for you airbrush makeup application.

But you can be confident you will have that beautiful bridal glow that will last all day with airbrush makeup.

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