How to find the perfect makeup artist for your destination wedding

By January 20, 2018Destination Bride

How do you find the perfect hair and makeup artist for your destination wedding?

Especially when they’re thousands of miles away and might not speak the same language?

Planning a wedding at home is stressful enough, but when it’s in a far flung destination abroad it can feel completely overwhelming.

So how do you  find the perfect Hair and Makeup Artist for Your Destination Wedding?

You’ve got two options

  1. Book a trusted professional at home and pay for them to travel to be there on your wedding day.


  1. Hire someone locally at your wedding destination via professional recommendations.


There are pros and cons to both options depending upon your priorities.

If you are a budget conscious bride the additional cost of paying for flights and accommodation for your hair and makeup artist may not seem achievable.

But if planned well in advance additional flights and accommodation need not break your wedding budget. Especially if you are willing to shop around.

Which ever option you choose you want to be sure that:

  • The hair and makeup artist you choose is experienced with destination weddings, especially in applying makeup in hotter climates
  • Your destination hair and makeup artist must have a professional kit with products that perform in soaring temperatures and humid conditions
  • Your hair and makeup artist is prepared for the possibility that their electrical styling tools may have a different voltage than that at your destination
Find your destination hair and makeup artist

Start your search early to find your pefert hair and makeup artist for your destination wedding

Should you book a hair and makeup artist to travel to  your destination wedding?

For some brides you  really can’t put a price on the peace of mind that comes with having a full hair and makeup trial before your departure for your destination wedding.

So paying for your bridal hair and makeup artist to travel to your destination wedding is essential to you.

You will be relaxed and safe in the knowledge that you have had a hair and makeup trial with a ‘tried and trusted’ professional, before your destination wedding.

Peace of mind on your wedding morning

You will also have the luxury of  knowing they will definitely be able to create the exact look you want on your wedding day.

That kind of peace of mind is worth its weight in gold to some destination brides, rather than risk a beauty ‘blind date’ with an unknown hair and makeup artist.


Find your destination hair and makeup artist

Make sure your destination hair and makeup artist kit has pro products that work in extreme climates

How to find the perfect hair and makeup artist for your destination wedding, if your priority is BUDGET

Hire your hair and makeup artist locally at your wedding destination and ensure you start your search early.

Start your search by getting recommendations from the wedding venue and your destination wedding photographer, both of whom will have worked extensively with different makeup and hairstylists. They should be able to provide a list of qualified individuals with whom they have had good experiences.

Talk to your wedding planner if you have one. They will have contacts of local wedding suppliers and professionals at your wedding destination.

Ask for recommendations from your hotel. They may have their own beauty spa professionals you could hire or approach for further recommendations for hair and makeup artists.

Remember you are going to spend the morning of your wedding with your hair and makeup artist. So it would be helpful if you speak the same language and can communicate with one another.

Look for professional websites with extensive portfolios and testimonials for all referrals.

ALWAYS ask plenty of questions and use photographs and images to convey what you want on your wedding day.

Questions to Ask

  1. How long have you been a bridal hair and makeup artist?

This is an important question. You want an experienced artist with a good reputation who has been working in the wedding business for at least a couple of years.

      2.Do you work with brides exclusively?

This is not absolutely essential but you do want an artist who is well experienced with dealing with the pressures of weddings and creating bridal hair and makeup looks that will last all day and night.

      3. Do you have a portfolio of your work?

Professional bridal makeup artists and hair stylists, wherever their location, will have an online portfolio at least on Instagram or Facebook. Ideally they also have their own dedicated website where you can see images of looks they have created for other brides, along with testimonials.

       4. How much are your fees?

You need a clear price plan per head or a package deal for larger bridal parties along with a full written quote. They should also specify what services are included and a schedule for hair and makeup on the day.

      5. Can you work with large bridal parties?

If you have a large bridal party then you need to ask your destination hair and makeup artist if they can supply a professional team on the day. You might also want to think about the timing of your wedding if you have a large bridal party to get ready.

      6. How many weddings do you work per day?

Some artists work more than one wedding per day. If that is the case then make sure you get their first time slot of the day to avoid any kind delay further along the day.

     7. Will you actually be there on my wedding day?

If you are dealing with bridal hair and makeup agency then you want to ensure that the artist you have for your trial is the same person who will be there on your wedding day. Make sure you get this in writing!


Top Bridal Beauty Planning Tips for Your Destination Wedding

  • Plan to arrive at least 48 hours before your wedding day.
  • Allow your body to adjust to jet lag and for your skin to recover and adapt.
  • Allow skin time to adjust to climate change and attend to any unexpected skin reactions to extreme heat.
  • If you can, have a trial at your wedding destination, ideally at least 24 hours before your wedding.
  • Consider timings. A noon day wedding abroad will not be wise at the hottest time of the day.


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