How to get Beautiful Hair on Your Wedding Day with Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be a bride’s best friend.

If you’re dreaming of long luscious locks on your wedding day but your hair is more ‘blah’ than a wet Sunday then it’s time to consider hair extensions.

Extensions give you longer, thicker, fuller hair that looks completely natural and gives you so many more OPTIONS and choice for your wedding day hair style.

As well as adding length they are also a terrific way to add volume and body to fine and thinning hair and they work for all face shapes and all ages.

And depending upon the type of extension you choose you can have stunning long hair for your hen night, your wedding day and your honeymoon as well as for up to 6 months after your big day.

You just need to know your ‘wefts from your clip-ins’ and with a little insider knowledge you can get your dream bridal hair style for your wedding day.

Hair Extensions can be a bride's best friend in your quest for the perfect bridal hair style

Hair Extensions can be a bride’s best friend in your quest for the perfect bridal hair style


  • Human Clip-in Hair

Clip in extensions are temporary and just as the name suggests they can be clipped into your own hair whenever you like.They are ideal for your wedding day if you don’t want the commitment of longer-wear fitted extensions.

It’s important to choose the right bridal hair stylist who’s experienced with fitting extensions to avoid the tell-tale bumps in the hair that can be caused by the extension clips.

You need to choose a bridal stylist that can place your clip in extensions strategically, just where you need them for your individual bridal style, to create length and thickness that looks natural.

You need to match your clip in hair extensions to your own natural hair shade. If you are looking to change colour then do so before you purchase your clip in extensions in order to get a true match.

Curled and waved styles are perfect for blending your clip in extensions with your natural hair and look beautiful on your wedding day.

Coco Bella Bride offers you a bespoke and couture range of clip in extensions that are individually tailored to your natural hair and your bridal hair style for your special day.


  • Synthetic Hair

There are more affordable synthetic options but you have to choose carefully as most do not tolerate heated styling over 120 degrees.

Synthetic hair tends to be the more detectable and can sometimes be difficult to blend with your natural hair.

Hair Extensions offer your endless choice for your bridal hair style.

Hair Extensions offer your endless choice for your bridal hair style.


Semi permanent hair extensions are more discreet and virtually undetectable, long-lasting and can be styled just like your own natural hair.

Semi-permanent hair extensions are applied to your own hair ‘strand by strand’ and last for many months with the right  aftercare. They give you endless choice when choosing your perfect bridal style for your wedding day.

NEVER skimp on the quality of hair you buy or the fee for an experienced professional to fit your hair extensions.

ALWAYS have a consultation to decide which method of application is best for your hair type and lifestyle.

Do your research as there are an awful lot of people out there who are not qualified hairdressers and have taken a one day course and are advertising their ‘services’ – you want to avoid them at all costs!

Hair Extensions give you extra length, fullness and volume for your wedding day

Hair Extensions give you extra length, fullness and volume for the perfect bridal style on your wedding day

When should I have my semi-permanent wedding hair extensions fitted?

Ideally 2-3 weeks prior to the wedding day.

This will also give you time to get used to wearing them and caring for them

If you are planning to have colour make sure you have that done first so that your hair extension specialist can do a perfect colour match for your.

Extensions do take extra effort but Coco Bella Hair extensions will last up to 8 months with the right products and maintenance. And you will get a tailored plan for aftercare from Coco Bella with everything you need to keep your hair looking fabulous during your honeymoon and long after.

How much will it cost?

The price will depend upon the amount and length of hair extensions you will need to create your bridal hair style.  We will create a bespoke plan for you with a tailored guide to best type of extensions for you so you can have the beautiful bridal hair style of your dreams on your wedding day.

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Get Your Gorgeous Bridal Glow with Airbrush Makeup

Get your gorgeous bridal glow with the secret weapon of Hollywood ‘A-listers’ and professional makeup artists – airbrush makeup

It gives you flawless, radiant looking skin without ever looking heavy or ‘caked on’.

Instead of being applied with makeup brushes or sponges, airbrush makeup is sprayed onto your skin. Microscopic particles of makeup form a fine mist which gently covers the surface of your skin, giving you a perfect complexion.


Coco Bella Bride uses global brand leader in airbrush makeup – Temptu -favoured by Hollywood ‘A-listers’ and pro makeup artists alike.


The application is so fine that airbrush makeup is used under Hollywood HD cameras (which show any flaw or imperfection, no matter how small) and creates a ‘soft-focus’ effect on your skin..

Airbrush makeup looks like a second skin and photographs beautifully, but feels super light as if you’re not wearing any makeup.

It is also a godsend for more mature skin as unlike traditional foundations it doesn’t settle in fines lines or open pores but instead creates a flawless, almost invisible smooth layer on the surface of your skin.

Temptu - global leader in airbrush makeup

Coco Bella Bride will custom blend the perfect Temptu Airbrush shade for you.

As well as being touch proof and kiss proof it’s also waterproof – so it’s going to stay put no matter what you get up to on your Wedding Day.

Just remember to blot those tears with a tissue rather than wiping or rubbing.

At Coco Bella Bride we use airbrush makeup global brand leader Temptu.

Temptu airbrush makeup has a sheer texture but it is also easy to build coverage with less product.  And unless your skin is especially oily, most skin types will not need to be set with powder after an airbrush makeup application.

It is important that you gently exfoliate and moisturise your skin regularly in the run up to your wedding day, as this is essential to create a great base for you airbrush makeup application.

But you can be confident you will have that beautiful bridal glow that will last all day with airbrush makeup.

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How To Get Perfect Wedding Hair

It’s never too early to start planning your bridal hair style for your Wedding Day.

Here at Coco Bella Bride we work with brides-to-be as early as twelve months in advance of their big day.

Often brides want to make big colour changes and others want maximum hair growth with a dramatic improvement in hair quality, condition and shine.

Many brides also opt for our Coco Bella Luxury Hair Extensions to add temporary length and volume. This gives you far greater choice and flexibility when choosing your final hair style for your wedding day.

Coco Bella can advise you on the best choice hair extensions for your hair type and lifestyle at our Bridal Consultation & Trial.

We carry out a hair assessment for you with advice on specialist hair restructuring treatments to maximise your hair health and encourage growth.


Bridal hair trends for 2017 are soft and textured with a modern ‘undone’ feel moving away from classic structured styles.


  • Don’t leave your Bridal Hair Styling Trial to the last minute.

Appointments fill up fast especially during the summer months. You want to make sure you leave enough time to get your hair looking fabulous in the run up to your wedding.


  • Don’t opt for a high trend style that doesn’t reflect the real you.

The last thing you want is HAIR REGRET on you wedding day. By all means don’t be afraid to experiment but not the week before your big day! Those wedding photos will be with you for the rest of your life – make sure you love the way you look before you commit to a drastic cut. You want to look like the best version of yourself on your wedding day.

And your husband or wife to be should still recognise you as you walk towards them!


  • Regular, long term treatments are essential to get your hair in peak condition.

If you want gorgeous, glossy hair for your special day then you need to start taking care of it now. Invest in quality products that are tailored precisely to your hair type that will deliver the results you want. It really is worth the investment in professional products that will do wonders for your hair condition as well as making blow drying and styling easier for you.

  • No last minute colour changes

Never opt for a dramatic colour change at the last minute before your wedding. If you hate it you will regret it and it will ruin your day. Instead start experimenting EARLY with colour. You CAN go from dark to blonde if your heart desires – just do it the right way with a professional and with care for your hair condition along the way.

You can have the bridal hair style of your dreams with Coco Bella Bride and with plenty of planning and our professional hair care.

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Find Your Dream Wedding Dress and Save Lives

Now you can find the designer wedding dress of your dreams and help fight cancer at the new bridal boutique Pritchard & Moore.

If that gorgeous designer wedding dress you’ve been lusting over would blow your budget, visit Pritchard & Moore in Wales where you can find designer gowns at a fraction of the normal price.

Pritchard & Moore, in the lovely village of Whitchurch just outside Cardiff, is the first dedicated bespoke bridal boutique to sell new and pre-loved dresses where all profits are donated to Cancer Research Wales.

Coco Bella Bride was delighted to spend a wonderful day with the fabulous Pritchard & Moore team, creating bridal hair and makeup styling for a photo shoot showcasing some of their gorgeous bridal gowns.

Pritchard & Moore has brand new dresses from designers like Ellis Bridal, Jonathan James, Eva Jordan, Catherine Jane and Ronald Joyce, as well as other ex-season stock donated from bridal boutiques across the UK.

Be the Belle of the ball on your wedding day in this beautiful fantasy gown donated by Hollywood Brides

Be the belle of the ball on your wedding day in this beautiful fantasy gown donated by Hollywood Brides


Pritchard & Moore is filled with beautiful dresses, fascinators, accessories and shoes for your whole bridal party.

Boutique manager Allison George says; “We have had donations from right across the country and all profits go to vital research to fight cancer. We are the first of kind because we offer all the luxury, expertise and outstanding service of a bespoke bridal boutique but buying your dress here means you also help save lives.”

Allison is so lovely and approachable and puts you at ease straight away. She and her team are highly experienced and will guide you step-by-step through the fitting process to make sure you find the perfect dress for you.

As you stand on the bridal podium beneath the twinkling lights and finally see yourself in your gown, you will have that special moment every bride dreams of.

Add a touch of vintage inspired glamour to your special day with this dress from Phase Eight

Add a touch of vintage inspired glamour to your special day with this dress from Phase Eight

And you will know that when you buy your wedding dress you are also giving hope to people with cancer as well as helping their families.

The boutique was named after leading cancer research scientists John Pritchard and John Moore marking the 50th Anniversary of Cancer Research Wales.

Soft chiffon retro inspired dress to bring your unique bridal styling dreams to life

Soft chiffon retro inspired dress at Pritchard & Moore, with hand-crafted wedding hair accessory from Simply Gold

How wonderful that you can buy your dream wedding dress at Pritchard & Moore and help fund world-leading vital research into preventing, treating and curing cancer.



Visit Pritchard & Moore today where the dress of your dreams really makes a world of difference.

*With grateful thanks to the wonderfully talented HuwDale Photography and the lovely Vanda at Simply Gold