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British Beauty Week – Beauty Trends Brides Will Love

Dont Miss BRITISH BEAUTY WEEK 8th -12th September

British Beauty Week is the five-day holy grail for beauty experts and beauty lovers alike. It’s also the perfect for brides-to-be to check out exciting beauty trends and brilliant product launches. And you can do some serious pre-wedding shopping at London’s Covent Garden, for your special day.

Bridal Beauty Inspration at British Beauty Week

You don’t want to miss the industry panels. Meet beauty superheros – Princess Diana’s legendary makeup artist @marygreenwell and Glow UP maestros @valgarland and @dominc_mua. All part of a jam packed schedule of beauty trend setters, panels and presentations on all things hair and beauty.

Discover new makeup, hair and beauty trends to get you gorgeous, at British Beauty Week
Get Wedding Day Beauty Inspriation at British Beauty Week 2021

You’ll discover cutting edge hair tools and new makeup product releases. viGet gorgeous with a visit to makeup mecca Space NK, British Beauty Week promises to be your perfect beauty product preview for your wedding day.  

Editorial beauty bibles Harpers Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and Elle Magazine will also be at the live event. Discover all this at London’s beauty playground in Covent Garden – a delicious cosmetics carousel for beauty lovers everywhere.

The beauty event is hosted by the British Beauty Council – the brainchild of makeup maverick and beauty industry legend, Millie Kendall.

Millie Kendall is my cosmetics crush and beauty branding ninja, whom I have admired from afar throughout her epic career. Millie helped launch global brands including Aveda, Stila and L’Occitane, to name just a few. She also launched her eponymous makeup brand Ruby and Millie cosmetics, with her friend Ruby Hammer.

Hero Beauty Products for Your Wedding Day

Millie Kendall is now runs her beauty branding and PR company BRANDStand and also created Beauty Mart. The online retailer that curates and sells the best hero products from our most beloved beauty brands.

You won’t want to miss this!

Get Bridal Beauty Inspiration with L’Occiatane Skincare

The L’OCCITANE Truck, driven all the way from Provence, will arrive in the North Piazza, Covent Garden from 8th Septembe. You can expect to discover the newest innovations from L’OCCITANE including brand new Immortelle Overnight Reset Serum and Youth Hand Cream, which utilise the power of the immortelle flower found in Corsica harnessing its anti-oxidant and age-defying benefits to boost your skin! We will also have competitions to win bountiful prizes and the chance the sample and purchase your Provençal favourites. Wednesday 8 September 2021 – Sunday 12 September 2021 11:00 am – 6:00 pm Europe/London

There’s so much more for you to discover at British Beauty Week. And even if you can’t make the live you can always catch up online at @britishbeautyweek. So there’s no excuse to miss out on the most exciting beauty event of the year.

Book your place now on your favourite free workshops here.


Don’t Miss British Beauty Week 2021 for Bridal Beauty Inspiration

Get a Gorgeous Glow with the Ultimate Self Tan Guide for Brides

Get your perfect bridal #fauxglow with our ultimate fake tan guide for brides

No bride wants those tell tale, brown stained hands or to risk looking ‘thermo-nuclear orange’ beside their groom on their wedding day.

But a white dress isn’t always the most flattering of colours. In fact your wedding gown can often make you look a little washed out so a sun-kissed glow to your skin is essential.

If you want to avoid a tanning trauma on your special day then follow our ultimate guide to faking it and no one will know it’s a #fauxglow.


  • SPRAY TAN – let the professionals take care of you by booking at a spa or salon
  • LOTION OR MOUSSE – you can apply these yourself and new formulas are superfast drying, leaving your skin feeling velvety soft
  • GRADUAL TANNER – for the tanning newbie who wants to build up her tan gradually.
Ultimate Fake Tan Guide for Brides

Planning your wedding day tanning application is vital for your perfect bridal #fauxglow


How to Find the Right Professional

If you’ve never applied fake tan by yourself, then your wedding day is not the time to try.

Instead do your research and find an expert tanning professional with our fake tan guide for brides.

Ideally look for a salon with a Bridal Tanning Specialist who will custom blend the perfect colour for your skin tone.

The right specialist can even contour your body to make you look leaner and firmer, as well as give you a beautiful sun kissed bridal glow.

Ultimate Fake Tan Guide for Brides 2018HAVE A TRIAL

If you want to achieve a natural glow that will perfectly compliment your skin tone, then invest in a tanning trial.

Be guided by your base colour and the time of year. If you’ve been out on the beach and you’re having a summer wedding, then you can go a shade or two darker.

However, if you’re fair with freckles then the lightest of natural shades will gently enhance your skin tone, without any nasty tell-tale signs.

Book your tanning trial as you would your bridal hair and makeup trial. That way there are no surprises and you can guarantee the exact shade you will be on your wedding day.

Have your wedding tan trial at least four weeks before your wedding day

Plan your wedding tanning trial at least four weeks before your wedding day


Your trial should be at least four weeks before your wedding. Ideally six weeks is better, just in case you need a second trial to get the absolute perfect shade for you.

You want to book your final tan two days prior to your wedding day; so if for example you are getting married on a Saturday then you want to have your tan applied on the Thursday.

This will allow for the ‘second-shower’ effect after your fake tan application.

The first layer of your tan will have washed away and the tan will have ‘settled into your skin’, revealing a natural soft glow, with no risk of any residue rubbing onto your wedding dress.



The right preparation is vital for the perfect streak-free fake tan.

  1. EXFOLIATE thoroughly to remove any dry or rough patches of skin. This will prevent any fake tan from clinging to the surface of dry skin and avoid the dreaded orange patch effect.
  1. MOISTURISE regularly in the month prior to your fake tan. Well hydrated skin is an essential canvass for the perfect fake tan application. Pay special attention to knees, elbows and feet.
  1. SHAVE or wax your legs (and anything else) the day BEFORE your fake tan. This will avoid the ‘black spotting’ effect caused by tan getting into open pores.
  1. SHOWER on the morning of your tan trial to remove all traces of any old fake tan, makeup, deodorant and fragrance.


Ultimate Fake Tan Guide

Find the perfect fake tan formula that will compliment your natural skin tone and your wedding dress


  • LOOSE FITTING clothes and flip flops are essential for after your tan application
  • Use a gradual tanner on your face and hands to combat the effects of more frequent washing. Tan fades fastest here so apply gradual tanner daily to them to keep the colour balanced between your face, hands and body.
  • MOISTURISE your body daily with an oil free formula, to prolong the life of your tan.



Fake Bake’s legendary tanning expert James Harknett says;

On the big day, give your tan a smooth gleam by applying Fake Bake Oil Free Moisturiser. This leaves skin hydrated, supple and super nourished. If it’s a warm day, ask your makeup artist to dust a mineral powder or talc around the top of the dress and underarms. This will help ensure your tan doesn’t rub away.



  1. JULES VON HEP – ISLE OF PARADISE Self-Tanning Water – £18.95

iop-tan-1Jules Von Hep has spent a decade tanning A-listers and launched his very own brand – Isle of Paradise. This body positive, vegan and cruelty free tan is 100% organic and even helps colour correct your skin. With rave reviews across social media the Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Water gives you a gorgeous natural glow.


  1. VITA LIBERATA Invisi Foaming Tan Water – £25

bridal-tanning-7Invisi Foaming Tan Water in Light/Medium is a completely clear tanning mousse for zero risk of transfer. It smells wonderful and gives a natural-looking tan result that develops over 4-8 hours. Lasts for up to 7 days.


  1. JAMES READ Fool Proof Bronzing Mousse – £18

bridal-tanning-6This tinted mousse is perfect for first time tanners who want a super simple, streak free application. Infused with luxury skincare ingredients this formula dries in minutes and develops in 6-8 hours. Gives a truly natural result for your skin tone.


  1. FAKE BAKE Flawless Coconut Tanning Serum For Face and Body – £29.95

Ultimate Fake Tan Guide for Brides

Get glowing bridal perfection with the Fake Bake Flawless Coconut Face and Body Tanning Serum. A lightweight formula that melts into your skin.  Contains hydrating and antiaging Coconut Oil and Silk Amino Acids, giving you a soft sun-kissed glow within 4 to 6 hours.


  1. ST TROPEZ Express Advanced Bronzing Mousse – £33

11072506-1344586661553953With the St Tropez Self Tan Express Advanced Bronzing Mousse (200ml), it’s you who’s in control of your tan. This advanced, fast-acting self tan is streak-free and glides easily onto the skin to create a healthy, natural-looking tan. Leave it on for 1 hour for a sun-kissed effect, 2 hours for a golden glow, or 3 hours for a deep, dark bronze colour.


  1. TAN LUXE Face and Body Illuminating Drops £35 each

Ultimate Fake Tan Guide for Brides 2018

Tan Luxe self-proclaimed this the “No smells, no streaks, no drama’ way to self-tan with their groundbreaking tanning drops. Simply mix 4-6 six drops into your favourite face and body moisturiser. Then apply as you would normally. Use daily as part of your beauty routine to build up a luminous, soft and natural tan.


  1. BALI BODY Bronzing Lotion – £22.95

Ultimate Fake Tan Guide for Brides 2018Instagram’s hottest new tan brand, Australia’s Bali Body’s Bronzing Lotion gives an instant hit of tan whilst vitamin E helps smooth and soothe your skin.



Isle of Paradise – Over It Magic Self-Tan Eraser, £17.95

Ultimate Fake Tan Guide for Brides 2018
Just in case!  This magic remover will quickly and gently exfoliate away any fake tan emergency.

So now you have everything you need to get a fabulous #fauxglow, so you look naturally sun kissed and radiant on your wedding day.








How to Get Glossy Wedding Hair

What if I told you, you could get glossy wedding hair without using any styling products and that it’s as simple as choosing the right hairbrush.

The right brush can be a total game changer for your hair on your wedding day.

Toss out that cheap plastic brush you’ve been using, which can tug and tear your hair causing split ends and damage. Instead invest in the secret weapon of the Duchess of Cambridge.

If you long for big bouncy glossy waves like Kate Middleton on your wedding day, then The Bristle Brush is your new best friend.

Beloved by royalty, beauty editors and hairdressers alike, The Bristle Brush has also been the brush of choice for professional stylists at London Fashion Week.

The Bristle Brush Company founder Sophie Wiltshire previously worked at the exclusive Harrods salon in London and her beautiful brushes are hand crafted in a rustic, Spanish coastal town.

wedding hair

Get glossy wedding hair with the medium round Bristle Brush



I am cursed with fine hair, an oily scalp and very dry, damaged ends. Usually the only way to get any kind of life into it is with a ton of product.

Hence why I was highly skeptical about what the round Bristle Brush could do for my hair.

But I was thrilled with the results.

The medium round Bristle Brush not only gave me soft natural volume, without any volumising product at all, but also tamed and smoothed my ends!

My hair felt light and airy instead of it’s usual flat and fluffy texture.

Even the ends felt smoother after the first blow dry.

A week later and there is a notable difference in the texture of my hair. The ends actually feel less coarse and my hair feels more manageable.

I’m loving using the medium and large Bristle Brushes on my brides-to-be – they give glossy, bouncy volume every time and are especially effective on fine, lifeless hair.

I’m so impressed that I can’t wait to get my hands on the Bristle Brush Paddle Brush.

glossy wedding hair

Eco frieindly packaging and the unique hand crafted wooden handle gives the Bristle Brush it’s iconic look.


VERDICT: you need The Bristle Brush in your life right now

Check out the 5 REASONS WHY below:



A boar Bristle brush is more than just a brush – it’s a conditioning tool designed to smooth and de frizz your hair.

The ethically sourced boar bristles effectively carry your sebum, the natural oil produced by your scalp, to the ends of your hair.

This reduces dryness and coats the hair shaft in natural oils, making it visibly more shiny and healthy.



By naturally coating the hair in sebum it helps smooth the hair cuticle – the outer layers of your hair shaft – which significantly reduces frizz in your hair.

This also better helps reflect light giving you that shiny glossy finish to your hair.

glossy wedding hair

The round Bristle Brush will give you more volume with less damage



The bristles on the brush are designed to stimulate blood flow to your scalp. This is vital to ensure essential nutrients reach your scalp and feed your hair, giving you healthier and stronger hair growth.

The brush also helps prevent oil build up on your scalp.  Which means you don’t need to wash your hair as often.



Unlike ceramic brushes, which heat up whilst you are using your hairdryer, The Bristle Brush wooden barrel does not get hot.

This results in less damage to your hair. The lightweight cork handle is also super comfortable to hold making it easier to use during a longer blow-dry.



The brush glides through your hair without any snagging and gives natural volume and lift at the root when used correctly.

You don’t need to drag the brush as you blow dry – in fact you can use less tension than normal.


Ideally let your hair dry 70% – the brush works best on damp hair. Then divide and section your hair.

Blow dry your hair in small sections from the base of the head and work your way up to the top. Move more slowly with the brush than you are used to. Let the brush do the work.

Watch this video on how to get glossy hair with your perfect Bristle Brush blow dry



Use your Bristle Brush regularly and consistently and you will see the long-term hair health benefits and get glossy wedding hair, in perfect time for your wedding day.

Choose the perfect Bristle Brush for you  now at



10 COMMANDMENTS of Bridal Beauty

Follow the 10 COMMANDMENTS of Bridal Beauty

If you want to avoid making any rash decisions or last minute beauty choices you will probably regret on your wedding day then make sure you read and follow the 10 COMMANDMENTS of Bridal Beauty!

And if you want complete confidence that you have all your wedding hair and beauty needs covered then subscribe today for your FREE 12 Month Bridal Beauty Guide.



Instagram Wedding Hair Super Stylists 2018

Vicki Lord Wedding Hair Instagram All Sta

Your Instagram Wedding Hair Super Stylists 2018

Meet your Instagram Wedding Hair Super Stylists 2018.
Instagram’s new breed of rock star bridal hair stylists have changed wedding hair for ever.
Gone are the stiff, structured ‘old-school’ updo’s.  
Instead they have been replaced by soft, undone, textured styles that ooze romance, festival vibes, whimsical playfulness and vintage charm.

Instagram’s Global #weddinghair stars 2018

Instagram has bred a new generation of stylists from around the world.
They specialise in cutting-edge wedding hair styling and offer stunning inspiration for every bride.
Keep reading to discover the best of Instagram’s 2018 bridal hair styling super stars.
 Instagram Wedding Hair Super Stylists 2018


@ulyana.aster – Instagram Wedding Hair Super Stylist

You can guarantee you’ve seen her work even if you don’t know her name yet. 

Type wedding hair and Ulyana Aster’s bridal hair styles will be at the top of your search, closely followed by fellow Russians @lenabogucharskaya and @tonyastylist.
Ulyana Aster is arguably the leader of Instagram’s global bridal hair tribe.
This super star wedding hair stylist posts daily images of achingly beautiful, ‘undone-up-dos’.
 Entwined with her own handcrafted hair accessories.
Originally from Russia this ‘Insta-super-star’ is quietly building a bridal-styling empire at her new salon on Australia’s Gold Coast.
Instagram Wedding Hair All Star Ulyana Aster

Leader of the Instagram wedding hair super stylists


There is an airy and light feel to the hair with an undone look that defies gravity.

But there’s never a risk that Ulyana’s styles would collapse as she is a big fan of Schwarzkopf OSIS Session super hold hairspray.

OSIS session spray keeps even the wildest of hair securely in place.


Ulyana Aster Instagram Wedding Hair Star

Ulyana Aster’s bridal hairstyles will be at the top of any Instagram #weddinghair search


Instagram Wedding AllStar Ulyana Aster



Ulyana says she is big fan of texturising the hair with a mini crimper, before curling with her favourite GHD’s.

She explains this extra step of preparation adds greater volume and texture to even the finest hair.

This is crucial  to creating her bold and beautifully ‘undone’ wedding hairstyles.


Instagram Wedding Hair All Star Ulyana Aster

Ulyana Aster creating bridal hair magic



The Brits are a little more understated but with plenty of gorgeous Boho waves and soft festival inspired hair.

There is also plenty of stunning, stylish references to vintage and retro looks with a modern twist.


@vicki_lord_hair –  Instagram #weddinghair Super Star

Leading the Brit-pack of Instagram wedding hair super stars is Vicki Lord .

Vicki Lord was voted UK Best Bridal Hair Stylist 2016.

She is famed for her gorgeous Hollywood-style Marcel waves and soft bridal mohawks.

Both a hair designer and multi-award winning bridal hair stylist, based in London.


Vicki Lord Wedding Hair Instagram All Sta

Award winning wedding hair stylist Vicki Lord is based in London


Vicki Lord Award Wining Bridal Hair Stylist


Vicki has worked on celebrities including Tess Daly and Macy Gray as well as presenting for Sky television and QVC.

Vicki trained with Vidal Sassoon and was appointed Bridal Hair Specialist by Balmain Hair in 2016.

Not only is she super star stylist but her clients love her warm personality and her ‘big heart’.


Vicki Lord Wedding Hair Instagram


Top 3 styling products Vicki couldn’t live without:

 I always prep hair by first blow drying with Balmain Volume Mousse to give the hair extra volume. This mousse is fantastic as it gives lift without stickiness. I also use Batiste Dry Shampoo. I spray it at the roots for extra texture and grip whilst putting up bridal hair. I’ve also fallen in love with Tecni Art Air Fix Hairspray. It gives great hold but never makes the hair look stiff.


 @joloveshair – Wedding Hair All Star

The lovely Jo Irving of @joloveshair is the founder and creative director at Lovehair & Co.

Jo describes her wedding hair as “soft and unstructured and effortlessly chic”.

Jo runs Lovehair with her team and works with brides in Surrey, Reigate and Cornwall.

She created her first successful wedding hair business in Gretna Green, where she worked on up to ten bridal hairstyles a day!
JO IRVING Intagram Wedding Hair


Jo said she set up LoveHair because, “There was a gap in the market for cool, creative bridal hair without all the hearts and flowers, but still with the bride in mind and focused on her needs.”



Jo Irving Instagram Wedding Hair All Star and creative director at Lovehair & Co

Jo Irving Instagram Wedding Hair All Star and creative director at Lovehair & Co


Here at Coco Bella Bride we adore her super cool, effortlessly romantic wedding hairstyles.

She’s also a Mum and still finds time to hit the waves for her other passion – surfing.

Definitely our kind of  wedding hair super-stylist!



@heatherchapman – Instagram Wedding Hair Super Stylist 2018

The Los Angeles based stylist Heather Chapman is known as the ‘Braid Whisperer’.

Heather Chapman is a leading Instagram #weddinghair super stylist.

Heather regularly showcases her stunning hair styling and bridal up-dos to her 700,000 dedicated followers on Instagram.

Her stunning braided bridal styles are instantly recognisable.


The Braid Whisperer - Heather Chapman Instagram #weddignhair all star 2018

The Braid Whisperer – Heather Chapman Instagram #WeddingHair All Star 2018


Heather also takes her unique skills on tour to teach other hairstylists at salons across the United States.

In 2016 she officially launched Heather Chapman online.

Heather is super talented and makes her achingly cool, braided updo’s look effortless.

She works the hair with her hands like a sculptor, to create beautiful bridal hair.

And the word on the street is that she is also one of the nicest people you could wish to meet.

Here at Coco Bella HQ all we can say is #bridalhairlove




Fellow Amercian Stephanie Brinkerhoff is also a successful Instagram #weddinghair super-star stylist, with nearly 600,000 followers.

screenshot-178Hair and Mkaeup By Steph


She began her career as a bridal hair specialist in 2007.

Stephanie now travels the world for destination weddings as well as teaching bridal hair workshops in Europe, the States and Australia. She is married with twin girls and lives in Utah.

Stephanie is also the resident bridal hair expert for





Kristina Youseff had to defy her own cultural heritage in order to pursue her dream of becoming a hair stylist.

She is now one of Melbourne’s leading editorial and bridal hair stylists.

High octane glamour and big romantic up-dos are her signature bridal style.

Kristina is a booming Instagram #weddinghair stylist who is looking to do big things in 2018.



With nearly 400,000 followers she has developed partnerships with a number of hair industry brands.

She is also working with television celebrities.

So that’s your Instagram #weddinghair inspiration from the global super-stylists.

Now you can find the perfect wedding hair style of your dreams.


Game of Thrones Winter Wedding Video

Game of Thrones Winter Wedding

Watch our Game of Thrones Winter Wedding Video.

Filmed on location at the spectacular medieval Caldicot Castle, for Cancer Research Wales.

Watch this sneaky peek behind the scenes, of our Game of Thrones Inspired Winter Wedding Photo Shoot 2018.

Game of Thrones Winter Wedding Video

Coco Bella Bride worked with Pritchard & Moore.

Pritchard & Moore are the UK’s first charity bridal shop where all profits go to help fight cancer in Wales.

Find Your Dream Wedding Dress and Help Save Lives

Bridal designers from across the UK have donated wedding dresses and Pritchard & Moore have raised over £170,000 in just 18 months, for Cancer Research Wales.

Our favourite ‘wedding dress whisperer’ Alison George – Pritchard & Moore manager – was with us on the day to dress the models in the gorgeous designer wedding dresses.

Alison took time to tell us about the wedding dress designers who have donated the stunning bridal gowns.

We also continued our collaboration with fabulous photographer Maxine Howells Photography and worked with some wonderful Welsh wedding suppliers:

@PritchardandMoore  – Donated Designer Wedding Gowns
@MaxineHowellsPhotography – Wedding photography
@CocoBellaBride – Wedding Hair & Makeup
@HiliarysFloralDesign – Wedding Floral Design
@MeganandClaude – Bespoke Wedding Event Styling and Prop Hire
@OliviaMadeThis – Wedding Film and Videography
@DyfedMenswear – Stylish Grooms Wear
@CaldicotCastle – Medieval Castle in Monmouthshire

We were thrilled to be working with super talented wedding videographer Olivia Made This

The lovely Olivia is a talented and passionate film maker based in Cardiff. After graduating from film school she focused her passion on creating wonderful wedding films for brides and grooms. She was a delight to work with on the day and captured some perfect moments from behind the scenes on our photo shoot.

And a BIG thank you to our wonderful models, India Finlayson, William Northbrooke, Georgia Somogyi Hajnal and Tylor Gomez, who were brilliant and all nearly froze in sub zero temperatures on the day!

Enjoy and please share our video .

How to find the perfect makeup artist for your destination wedding

How do you find the perfect hair and makeup artist for your destination wedding?

Especially when they’re thousands of miles away and might not speak the same language?

Planning a wedding at home is stressful enough, but when it’s in a far flung destination abroad it can feel completely overwhelming.

So how do you  find the perfect Hair and Makeup Artist for Your Destination Wedding?

You’ve got two options

  1. Book a trusted professional at home and pay for them to travel to be there on your wedding day.


  1. Hire someone locally at your wedding destination via professional recommendations.


There are pros and cons to both options depending upon your priorities.

If you are a budget conscious bride the additional cost of paying for flights and accommodation for your hair and makeup artist may not seem achievable.

But if planned well in advance additional flights and accommodation need not break your wedding budget. Especially if you are willing to shop around.

Which ever option you choose you want to be sure that:

  • The hair and makeup artist you choose is experienced with destination weddings, especially in applying makeup in hotter climates
  • Your destination hair and makeup artist must have a professional kit with products that perform in soaring temperatures and humid conditions
  • Your hair and makeup artist is prepared for the possibility that their electrical styling tools may have a different voltage than that at your destination
Find your destination hair and makeup artist

Start your search early to find your pefert hair and makeup artist for your destination wedding

Should you book a hair and makeup artist to travel to  your destination wedding?

For some brides you  really can’t put a price on the peace of mind that comes with having a full hair and makeup trial before your departure for your destination wedding.

So paying for your bridal hair and makeup artist to travel to your destination wedding is essential to you.

You will be relaxed and safe in the knowledge that you have had a hair and makeup trial with a ‘tried and trusted’ professional, before your destination wedding.

Peace of mind on your wedding morning

You will also have the luxury of  knowing they will definitely be able to create the exact look you want on your wedding day.

That kind of peace of mind is worth its weight in gold to some destination brides, rather than risk a beauty ‘blind date’ with an unknown hair and makeup artist.


Find your destination hair and makeup artist

Make sure your destination hair and makeup artist kit has pro products that work in extreme climates

How to find the perfect hair and makeup artist for your destination wedding, if your priority is BUDGET

Hire your hair and makeup artist locally at your wedding destination and ensure you start your search early.

Start your search by getting recommendations from the wedding venue and your destination wedding photographer, both of whom will have worked extensively with different makeup and hairstylists. They should be able to provide a list of qualified individuals with whom they have had good experiences.

Talk to your wedding planner if you have one. They will have contacts of local wedding suppliers and professionals at your wedding destination.

Ask for recommendations from your hotel. They may have their own beauty spa professionals you could hire or approach for further recommendations for hair and makeup artists.

Remember you are going to spend the morning of your wedding with your hair and makeup artist. So it would be helpful if you speak the same language and can communicate with one another.

Look for professional websites with extensive portfolios and testimonials for all referrals.

ALWAYS ask plenty of questions and use photographs and images to convey what you want on your wedding day.

Questions to Ask

  1. How long have you been a bridal hair and makeup artist?

This is an important question. You want an experienced artist with a good reputation who has been working in the wedding business for at least a couple of years.

      2.Do you work with brides exclusively?

This is not absolutely essential but you do want an artist who is well experienced with dealing with the pressures of weddings and creating bridal hair and makeup looks that will last all day and night.

      3. Do you have a portfolio of your work?

Professional bridal makeup artists and hair stylists, wherever their location, will have an online portfolio at least on Instagram or Facebook. Ideally they also have their own dedicated website where you can see images of looks they have created for other brides, along with testimonials.

       4. How much are your fees?

You need a clear price plan per head or a package deal for larger bridal parties along with a full written quote. They should also specify what services are included and a schedule for hair and makeup on the day.

      5. Can you work with large bridal parties?

If you have a large bridal party then you need to ask your destination hair and makeup artist if they can supply a professional team on the day. You might also want to think about the timing of your wedding if you have a large bridal party to get ready.

      6. How many weddings do you work per day?

Some artists work more than one wedding per day. If that is the case then make sure you get their first time slot of the day to avoid any kind delay further along the day.

     7. Will you actually be there on my wedding day?

If you are dealing with bridal hair and makeup agency then you want to ensure that the artist you have for your trial is the same person who will be there on your wedding day. Make sure you get this in writing!


Top Bridal Beauty Planning Tips for Your Destination Wedding

  • Plan to arrive at least 48 hours before your wedding day.
  • Allow your body to adjust to jet lag and for your skin to recover and adapt.
  • Allow skin time to adjust to climate change and attend to any unexpected skin reactions to extreme heat.
  • If you can, have a trial at your wedding destination, ideally at least 24 hours before your wedding.
  • Consider timings. A noon day wedding abroad will not be wise at the hottest time of the day.


Talk to Coco Bella Bride now to discuss your Destination Wedding Hair and Makeup.

For professional expertise and peace of mind.

Game of Thrones Inspired Winter Wedding

Game of Thrones Inspired Winter Wedding

Here’s a sneaky preview of our Game of Thrones inspired Winter Wedding Photoshoot.

Coco Bella Bride produced this Game of Thrones inspired photoshoot to support Cancer Research Wales.

Welsh Wedding Suppliers

Coco Bella Bride worked with the UK’s first charity bridal shop Pritchard & Moore and we partnered with a fantastic team of Welsh wedding suppliers.

Pritchard and Moore are the first charity bridal shop where all profits go to help fight cancer in Wales.

Bridal designers from across the UK have donated wedding dresses and Pritchard & Moore raised over £96,000 for Cancer Research Wales, in their first year.

Our favourite ‘wedding dress whisperer’ Alison George, who runs the charity bridal shop, was with us on the day to dress the brides.

Coco Bella  also continued our collaboration with Maxine Howells Photography.  We love working with talented wedding photographer Maxine.

Game of Thrones Winter Wedding Shoot

Game of Thrones Inspired Winter Wedding

Game of Thrones Inspired Winter Wedding – shot on location at Calidcot Castle in Wales


Game of Thrones Inspired Winter Wedding

Award winning Hilary’s Floral Design created this gorgeous floral bridal headdress

Hilary’s Floral Design created the gorgeous bridal bouquet and floral headdress for our beautiful model India Finlayson.

Hilary’s Floral Design are based in Abergavenny and were awarded Best Wedding Florist in Wales in 2016.

We were thrilled to work with Hilary’s  lovely daughter,  Charlotte Cooke, who is also RHS Chelsea Young Florist of the year 2017.

Shot on Location at Caldicot Castle

Game of Thrones Inspired Winter Wedding

Wedding dress from Zovana donated to charity bridal boutique Pritchard and Moore


We shot on location at the spectacular Caldicot Castle in Wales.

Caldicot Castle has dominated the landscape in Monmouthshire for over 900 years and is set within 55 acres of parkland. It is a stunning location for your Welsh wedding and we were immensely fortunate to have exclusive use of the castle for our shoot.

It was a beautiful day but bitterly cold and I can’t thank our brave models enough who endured freezing temperatures.

Hot water bottles were hidden in precarious places under kilts and dresses on the day!


Grooms Wear

Award winning Dyfed Menswear offer an outstanding range of traditional and contemporary grooms wear.

The brilliant Debbie from the Ystrad Mynach branch of Dyfed Menswear helped style our male models (William Northbrooke and Tylor Gomez.)

Debbie also kindly volunteered her time on the day of the shoot to dress the kilt and sporran correctly.


Game of Thrones Inspired Winter Wedding

Stunning Bridal Headdress by Hilary’s Floral Design and traditional tartan kilt by Dyfed Menswear


Game of Thrones Inspired Winter Wedding

Models Georgia and Tylor with Husky dog Storm



Game of Thrones Inspired Winter Wedding

Dyfed Menswear supplied the authentic tartan, kilt and sporran. Wedding dress and cape from Pritchard & Moore.


We adored the floral collar created by Hilary’s Floral Design, for the fabulous husky dog Storm who joined us.

He stole everyone’s hearts and was the star of the shoot on the day!


Game of Thrones Inspired Winter Wedding

Bridal Event Styling and Prop Hire Company Megan and Claude created some magic with their snow machine and candle lit tree


We were especially delighted to work with super talented Wedding Event Stylists Megan and Claude.

Megan and Claude bring your wedding dreams to life and are led by top wedding planner Beth Stretton. Their exquisite collection of antiques and unique props are extraordinary.

Megan and Claude work both in Wales and in France and are based near Swansea.


Game of Thrones Winter Wedding

Wedding Event Stylists Megan and Claude created this stunning back drop together with Hilary’s Floral Design



Game of Thrones Inspired Winter Wedding Photoshoot

We are thrilled that you will be able to see the entire shoot later this year, in the forthcoming 2018 Christmas edition of Your South Wales Wedding Magazine.

And keep a look out on the Pritchard & Moore website next week for the ‘behind the scenes’ video of the shoot, filmed by super talented wedding videographer Olivia Made This


How to EAT and DRINK your way to glowing skin on your wedding day

Everything you eat and drink will impact how you look and feel on your wedding day.

You can spend a fortune on fabulous skin care products but if you’re not feeding your skin the right foods then you’re pretty much throwing your money down the sink.

And I’m not talking about the dreaded D word – I hate the word diet.

In fact a crash diet is the worst thing you can do as it will only cause stress hormones that will wreak havoc with your skin and deprive you of crucial nutrients.

So instead I want you to think of this as your wedding day ‘nutrition prescription’ for your skin, because you really are what you eat and drink.



what to eat for glowing bridal skin

What to eat for glowing skin on your wedding day

Think of this as a time to put yourself first.

So you can really take care of yourself and eat the very best food and beverages, that will not only get your skin glowing but make you feel fantastic.


Your Recipe to Glowing Skin on Your Wedding Day



Choose good quality protein such as free range chicken and omega-3 rich oily fish.

Not only will this help balance blood sugar and insulin levels,  it will also give your skin a great glow.

Shellfish, salmon, and cold water fish feed your skin healthy fats.

Speaking of fat, DON’T GO FAT FREE.

That is the road to ruin and will give you dull and dry skin.

You need plenty of healthy fats including nuts, seeds and olive oil.

Add in flax seed oil or chia seed to your breakfast cereal, to boost your omega-3 daily dosage.


No put down the M&Ms.

Fill your plate with brightly coloured fruits and vegetables to ensure you are getting a wide variety of vitamins and nutrients in your diet.

Carrots, tomatoes, apricots, spinach and green vegetables all contain lycopene, which is wonderful for your skin.

Blueberries are packed full of anti oxidants which support cell renewal and keep skin looking it’s best.

A diet high in vitamins, especially vitamin C, helps stimulate collagen which keeps skin firm and smooth fine lines.





Yes I can hear you groaning now!

But water keeps your skin hydrated which helps lubricate your skin. Two litres of water a day helps prevent skin sagging and wrinkling.

Water is vital for cell renewal and helps flush out toxins as well as help keep hunger at bay.

So if you want to have radiant glowing skin on your wedding day make sure you keep drinking plenty of fresh water every day.



Your morning cup of coffee and that glass of wine at night will leave your skin looking tired and dry because they dehydrate your skin.

Cut right back and eliminate completely if you can – your skin will really thank you.



Reducing your sugar and salt intake will help transform your skin.

Processed sugars and salts irritate and inflame your skin and can cause puffiness in your face.

High sugar intake ages you faster by causing damage to your skin tissue and cells.

Replace high sugar treats with fresh fruits and healthier treats.


  1. Treat yourself to some DARK CHOCOLATE

Contrary to popular belief, chocolate does not cause acne.

In fact, research has shown that dark chocolate even protects skin from sun damage.

Chocolate, or rather raw cacao or dark chocolate, contains anti-aging antioxidants called flavonoids.

They fight free radicals to protect your skin from UV damage and prevent the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and skin discolorations.

Chocolate also makes you feel happy.

Eat dark chocolate to lift your mood and feed your skin

Eat dark chocolate to lift your mood and feed your skin

When you eat it the brain releases endorphins, your body’s natural feel-good chemical which lifts your mood and helps keep wedding planning stress at bay.


  1. Eat Avocados

Avocados are the ultimate “get gorgeous” food.

Fantastic for hair, skin, and nails, the monounsaturated fatty acids  in avocados not only help lower bad cholesterol levels, but also reduce the appearance of aging in skin.

Avocados also contain antioxidants, fiber, potassium, magnesium, and folate, and one avocado is packed with more potassium than a medium banana — nearly 700 milligrams!

How to eat for glowing skin on your wedding day

Get glowing skin with foods high in Omega 3

  1. Berries pack a nutritional punch

Berries are loaded with anti-inflammatory agents and vitamins that boost your skin cell renewal and help protect you from premature aging.

The antioxidants in berries help minimize the damage of free radicals, which can accelerate wrinkle formation and cause disease.

Additionally, berries are packed with vitamin C, which keeps skin firm and strong.

Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C is essential to the production of collagen which aids in the growth of cells and blood vessels.

Eat a handful of your favourite berries with breakfast or pureed into a smoothie every day.


Green tea improves your skin complexion and makes your skin healthy.

It helps flush out toxins from the skin, helps heal blemishes and scars and reduces inflammation. It even improves the skin’s elasticity.

Green tea  contains a high amount of antioxidants that also promote hair growth. It can even promote the growth of new hair and prevent common problems like dry scalp and dandruff.

Drink green tea every day to get glowing skin on your wedding day

Drink green tea every day to get glowing skin on your wedding day

  1. Don’t forget to get some zzzzzz’s

Sleep deprivation causes a decrease in blood flow to the skin surrounding your face.

Your body boosts blood flow to the skin while you sleep which means you wake with a healthy glow.

So don’t skimp on sleep or your complexion will look drab, ashen or lifeless.


Foods to avoid

  • Saturated fats

  • Fatty processed meats

  • Fizzy drinks

  • Cakes pastries and desserts

  • Margarine

So now you know what to eat and drink to get gorgeous glowing skin on your wedding day.

Combine that with a great skin care regime and you will look truly radiant on your special day.



Get Beautiful Glowing Skin for Your Wedding Day 2022

perfect glowing skin on your wedding day

Be the ‘Queen of Clean’

If you want to get radiant, glowing skin on your wedding day 2022, then it’s time to turbo-charge your skin cleansing routine today.

No amount of expensive foundation can make blotchy, tired skin look good.

Plus if you’re not cleansing properly you’re just wasting your hard-earned cash on expensive skincare.

You need to become the ‘queen of clean’ and up your cleansing routine to get beautiful glowing skin for your wedding day 2018.

perfect glowing skin on your wedding day

Turbo charge your cleansing routine to get glowing skin for your wedding

Regular cleansing is how you get glowing skin on your wedding day 2018

Removing makeup and dirt is crucial. You need to cleanse your face morning and night.

Thorough cleansing gets rid of the build-up of dead skin cells on the surface of your skin and is the first vital step to radiant, glowing skin.

You need to remove that dead layer every day so that the fresh new skin is revealed underneath.

And no, a quick swipe with a face wipe will not do!

No matter how tired you might be, make time to clean your face before you collapse into your bed tonight.

It will really pay off on the most photographed day of your life.

Perfect glowing skin for your wedding day

Be the Queen of Clean and cleanse thoroughly twice a day for radiant, glowing skin

What should I cleanse with?

That will depend upon your skin type. You can choose from a cleansing cream, balm or oil. If you are still using soap and water – stop now!

Massage your cleanser into dry skin with firm, small circular movements working from the centre of your face upwards and outwards. But be gentle around your eye area.

This will help melt makeup away as well as help with circulation and decongestion of your skin. Use a hot wet cloth – muslin or flannel – and press and wipe face to remove first layer of cleanser and dirt.

Then re-apply cleanser and repeat. This may seem excessive, but this vital second cleanse will clean much deeper into your pores and help remove any impurities.

Taking this extra time ensures your skin truly benefits from your cleanser and its ingredients

Coco Bella Bride is a big fan of the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Balm and the multiple award-winning Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish.

Watch this cleansing massage routine to help give you clear, glowing skin when you say “I Do” on your wedding day.

Get Your Bridal Glow with a 5-Minute Facial

After cleansing gently pat face with clean, dry towel. Your skin should feel fresh, soft and revived.

  • Take a facial oil and rub together in palm of your hands
  • Smooth over face and neck
  • Use the base of your thumbs to massage the oil upwards and outwards along jaw, and cheekbones and then across your forehead and hair line.
  • Repeat covering your whole face for 5 minutes
  • The oil will be absorbed leaving your skin velvety soft and glowing
Get glowing prefect skin with a facial oil and regular massage

Here at Coco Bella Bride we are big fans of 100% Organic Rose Hip Oil by ground breaking beauty company The Ordinary.

Top Tip for breakout-prone skin

Celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas recommends; “Raw apple cider vinegar is perfect for any skin type and particularly amazing for people who break out. It exfoliates, balances the skin, and it also helps calm breakouts and heals them quickly”

Apply a small amount all over your face, like you would a toner using a cotton pad and leave on overnight as a treatment.

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate!

Dead surface skin cells don’t reflect the light so if you don’t remove them your skin becomes dull, flaky and greyish.

A gentle exfoliator will go a long, long way towards restoring beautiful, healthy glowing skin.

‘Gentle’ is the important word.

AVOID anything that is harsh, scratches or over-buffs your skin. Liquid exfoliants are very effective at treating enlarged pores, dullness, minor pigmentation marks and brightening your skin.

Use an AHA-based liquid twice a week. AHA’s – Alpha Hydroxy Acids like glycolic, lactic and citric – will help reveal the virgin skin beneath the upper layer of dead skin cells. However the new skin is vulnerable to sun damage so always ensure you wear a sun block afterwards.

If you have eczema, rosaca or extremely sensitive skin then go very gently. Patch test your first application to see how your skin responds. A subtle tingling is normal – anything more than that then AHA’s are not for you.

One of our favourites is Liquid Gold AHA. A cult product among industry insiders, Liquid Gold is renowned as an ‘overnight facial’, gently exfoliating tired and dull complexions and plumping the appearance of your skin while you sleep, helping to refine the appearance of enlarged pores and skin texture. Wake up with a brighter-looking, revitalised complexion with Liquid Gold.

How to use:

  • Using a cotton pad, apply onto cleansed skin and gently wipe over face, neck and décolletage, avoiding the delicate eye and lip areas
  • Your skin may tingle momentarily
  • For maximum benefit leave on overnight and do not use a night cream, but allow it to work ‘uninterrupted’ while you sleep
  • Use two to three nights a week

Application tips:

  • Sensitive skin: apply Liquid Gold to a dampened cotton pad to minimise the tingling sensation and start by using it just two nights a week; then after two weeks, graduate to using a dry pad. This gives your skin time to adjust to the treatment.
  • Resistant skin: forego the cotton pad and simply apply 3-4 drops of the solution directly onto your skin


Serums have a very fine texture that penetrate quickly into the surface of your skin. They contain a higher concentration of essential oils and active ingredients, and the smaller molecules can penetrate the skin much deeper than your moisturiser.

Serums help you address your specific skin concerns  – some serums treat dehydration , others open pores and spots.

One of the best on the market for giving you radiant glowing skin is Ren’s Radiance Perfecting Serum.

Get perfect glowing skin on your wedding day

Ren’s Radiance Perfecting Serum will help give you perfect glowing skin that photographs beautifully

This plumping skin serum gives an all over radiance boost and evens the tone and texture of the skin for a more flawless finish. Anti-ageing ingredients include Glabridin (from Licorice), Tyrosinase Inhibitors (from Wild Canadian Rumex ) and Vitamin C – plus Hyaluronic acid to hydrate.

MOISTURISE to get radiant, glowing skin for your wedding day 2018

You absolutely need to ensure that your skin is well hydrated. Dry skin doesn’t glow nor does it photograph well.

Your skin’s tone and flexibility depends on the presence of water in the underlying tissues of your face.

A good moisturiser acts as your skin’s natural protector, by creating a defensive barrier on the surface of the skin and  preventing water from leaving your skin.

It also smooths the texture of your skin and helps to maintain good skin-cell health.  A great moisturiser will also help hydrate and plump your skin to help give you that glowing, radiant healthy look.

If your skin is very dry and dehydrated

Use a super rich moisturising balm with ingredients like shea butter  or glycerin for better texture and and for smoother application of foundation. Warm the balm between your hands before applying to your face.

Get perfect glowing skin for your wedding

Wonderful for dry skin to help get beautiful glowing skin

If you have oily skin

Try using an oil-free formula to hydrate yet also control overactive oil glands. Foundation applied over the lotion will also hold better. You can also add a mattifying primer on your forehead and T-Zone for very oily skins.

Get perfect glowing skin for your wedding

This fabulous moisturiser will help control oil and shine whilst leaving your skin soft and hydrated

Apply your moisturiser like a pro

Once your face is thoroughly cleansed and while the skin is still slightly damp apply moisturiser with clean hands. Warm about a fifty-pence sized amount between your palms and then gently press the product into your skin until it is completely absorbed.

If you follow this routine religiously then you will be well on your way to perfect glowing skin you have always dreamed about for your wedding day.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch at

Enjoy x

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